Vertical Sliding Sash Windows

Vertical sliding sash windows have been a defining element of English architecture from the mid 17th Century to the present day and make a significant contribution to many streetscapes throughout the country. Getting, sizes, proportions and styles right whilst achieving good thermal performance is our speciality.

Available in spiral balance or cords & weights styles, products are internally glazed, featuring double weather gaskets and cutting edge glazing options. Contact us for more details !

Normal sash to spiral photo1

How much heat is escaping through your windows?

Have you ever wondered how energy efficient your home really is?

How about those windows and doors? Take a look at the thermal imagery from one of our recent installations. Window on the right has just been installed by our team. Can you see the difference in thermal performance?

Why buy sliding sash windows from us?
Bespoke opening sizes and window designs allowing for like for like replacement and the flexibility to design a new home without restriction.
Available in 100% FSC accredited engineered defect free timber
Fully weather sealed offering excellent thermal and weather performance.
Rigorously tested to the latest PAS24:2016 Enhanced Security Performance requirements and internally glazed as standard for improved security.

Buy once and buy well.
Contact Ecodomus experts today and enjoy the benefits of beautifully designed and energy efficient solutions for your home.

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