• Consultation

Here is where we do the listening bit and suggest the optimal combination of products and services to meet your project requirements.

This is likely to involve any or indeed all of the following steps:

  • Your sending us photos, drawings and dimensions
  • A preliminary site visit
  • A visit to our showroom

  • Estimate & Quotations

Having carefully considered the balance between performance, aesthetics and finances, this is where we produce budget costings and once detail are agreed, a fixed price quotation for your project to supply and if required to install your chosen glazing or insulation system.

A site and/or showroom meeting to finalise and sign off on the final details of every aspect of your project. This may take quite some time, may involve your architect/designer and/or main contractor and will ensure that every nut and bolt is tied down and everyone is clear and agreed on all issues. This will extend to timing, delivery, access and offloading arrangements and responsibilities.
All details of your order need to be finalised in full before an order can be placed with all manufacturers so this is the time to make those difficult decisions about colour, handle and lock types etc as without nailing everything down , manufacture cannot commence… and yes, we are afraid that after the order is placed with the manufacturer, no changes can be made.
  • Order & Manufacture

This is when we issue contract and invoice and when you pay your deposits and manufacture commences.

We issue a contract, product schedule and invoice and ask you to carefully study all of this and when ready, to return a copy of the signed contract to us together with the required deposit.

The deposit is usually a minimum of 70% and is normally paid to the manufacturer before manufacture of your bespoke windows and doors can commence.

Depending on whether we are supplying only or supplying and installing, an interim payment will be required 10 days before delivery with the balance due upon completion of installation.

Once your order has been booked at the factory, we will receive confirmation of the delivery week and confirm that to you. This normally happens within 48 hours of our receipt of your order.

  • Delivery & Installation

Between 6 and 12 weeks after your order has been booked at the factory, the big day will arrive in the shape of one or more large trucks turning up at your premises.

99% of our deliveries occur in the exact delivery week which we agree with you and which is confirmed by the factory just after your order is placed.

If we are installing for you, our team will co-ordinate everything with the various delivery companies and make the necessary parking and offloading arrangements. We will be able to specify the precise delivery day and 2 hour delivery window with you approximately one week before your delivery week, when your products will be leaving the factory.

If you have your own installers, we will provide you with all the relevant contact details so you can co-ordinate delivery, offloading and installation to suit your programme.

Our team will generally have a pre-start meeting or telephone discussion with you to discuss the optimal programme of installation to balance your circumstances and priorities.

Buy once and buy well.
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