Why do we choose wooden windows and doors?

Put simply... because we like it!
Wood is beautiful, it is natural, it is warm to the touch and perhaps most importantly, we choose wood because it is a renewable resource.

Oh, and yes... there are some very good technical reasons too!

  • wood is an excellent insulant…. it therefore helps to retain heat in your building,
  • wood provides excellent structural stability,
  • wood is easy to repair and to redecorate.

Did you know?
In a recent study published by the WWA 49% of home-owners stated that having natural materials in their homes made them feel discernibly happier than when surrounded by artificial materials.


What kinds of wood do we use in our windows?

Ecodomus can supply both hardwood and softwood windows from a variety of tree species.

All the softwood timber in our windows and doors comes from Scandanavian forests where the trees grow more slowly, thus producing the necessary density to manufacture beautiful structurally stable windows and doors which, when looked after, will last a lifetime. The construction process involves lamination, or the use of several layers of timber to add greater strength and resist the natural tendency of timber to contract and expand according to prevailing moisture levels.

When our clients preference is for hardwoods, we seek to supply European species where possible but can also source timber including mahogany, meranti and other species, from sustainably managed South American forests.


We have carefully chosen our suppliers

All of them source their timber responsibly and are members of a Chain of Custody Scheme...

...such as the FSC which ensures the environmental credentials of the supply chain from forest to factory. The FSC label guarantees that, due to our production, no more trees than the forest is able to reproduce are felled, that wildlife and vegetation in the forests are protected, and that forest workers receive training, safety equipment and a decent wage. The FSC is the only global labelling scheme, which is widely supported by green organisations such as WWF, Greenpeace and Nepenthes.

Find out more about FSC - visit FSC website 


At Ecodomus we believe passionately in protecting our planet and remain as committed now to our environmental responsibilities as we did on our first day of trading. That's why we offer you our expert advice for both new build and refurbishment projects including sensitive listed properties, to ensure you get the most from your windows, doors and insulation when it comes to performance and sustainability.

Why do we choose aluminium clad wooden windows ?

Because the frames are still that same wood that we like so much with all the benefits we have outlined above but with the added advantage of an exterior cladding of aluminium ! So for those of us who prefer to minimise the need for redecoration or where access is difficult or expensive…this is the ideal solution….


A brief note about the paints we use….

Our paint finishes are always….at least 100 microns thick!

…equivalent to around 6 brush coats. It’s microporous thus flexible enough to allow the naturally occurring movement of the wood without cracking….and not least because it's water based, it doesn’t contain any environmentally damaging VOC’s (volatile organic compounds).