OK…so why natural insulation systems…?

Put simply, because we believe that nature knows best….and that natural, sustainably sourced insulation products are better for our health and well-being as well as that of our planet.


Thermal Performance

Good thermal performance is now a prerequisite to any new build or renovation. However, breathability and overheating control must also be considered to protect the integrity of the building fabric and ensure that significant problems are not created.



Over 11 ½ litres of moisture are produced internally by the average household each day. The external shell of a building is much like a coat, it needs to keep the rain out, but like a GORE-TEX (R) jacket, it must not allow moisture produced internally to get trapped within the building fabric. It must let it out.

Our systems do this.



Low level heat is needed to raise the internal temperature in winter. Insulation keeps this heat inside. The sun produces high level heat, which can lead to overheating in the summer. Conventional insulation in structures, such as roofs and timber frame buildings, can’t keep high level heat out. Our solutions have thermal mass which ‘soaks up’ the heat from the sun, helping to prevent summertime overheating.

Choose from our Insulation Solutions
Benefits of our insulation systems

We can provide solutions for both new build and existing buildings and the following are a sample of the systems available for the most common applications.

  • Our solutions provide thermal, moisture, acoustic and overheating control and, being natural, they contribute to a healthy environment for the occupants of your building.
  • Our specification support helps you ensure the right product specification on a given building type.
  • Successfully used on thousands of UK-based projects; the solutions we propose are tried, tested and trusted by house builders, commercial developers, housing associations and local authorities.

Contact us for details of the best systems to suit your particular circumstances.