Ecodomus retrofits Muswell Hill property for improved energy performance

Single glazed windows with some secondary glazing, and an uninsulated roof, walls and floor. An 'antique' boiler providing hot water and space heating at vast expense producing excessive greenhouse gas emissions.


Provide much needed attic refurbishment increasing thermal efficiency of the house to reduce energy bills, and lower its carbon footprint.


To reduce the heat losses from the house, we undertook a number of different insulation and energy saving strategies:

a) insulated the floors, wall and roof with natural materials,

b) installed triple glazed windows,

c) added Solar Hot Water Panels next to the dormer window.

These improvements will help reduce energy bills and CO2 emissions ( a predicted 73% reduction in energy consumption and 57% reduction in CO2 emissions).

By improving the fabric of the building to above the required building regulations standards, this house will be more efficient and, as a result, much cheaper to run and less damaging to the environment.



In Detail:


The existing structure of the roof was little more than plasterboard, joists and tiles. By increasing the thermal resistance to above building regulations, further savings could be achieved. We only specify natural insulation, as we believe the energy embodied in producing materials is just as important, as is the environment in which our clients live. 

An airtightness membrane reduces heat losses further to produce an efficient building envelope.

Windows and Doors

All the windows and doors were triple glazed and from sustainably sourced materials. The original entrance door had a u-value of above 3W/m2K. The doors installed were almost three times more insulative. Last but not least, we didn't then just cut a big hole in it for a letterbox... we installed a lockable one on the adjacent wall - the postman seems happy enough too!

To reduce the possibility of overheating, we installed external thermal shading to the south facing loft windows and doors. Predictions for the UK temperature suggest we may require less heating and more cooling in our buildings, so shading devices, such as these, will naturally futureproof this building against excessive cooling costs... and render our clients' loft a much more pleasant place in summer!

Solar Thermal Panels

The solar panels installed will produce more than 1500kWh of hot water a year, which is almost 45% of the owner's requirements. It will also save nearlt 500kg of CO2 in reduced gas consumption.


The boiler installed was an A rated, 91+% efficient System Boiler, with weather compensation to ensure it only consumes as much gas as minimally necessary to achieve internal target temperatures relative to prevailing external temperatures.

Wood Fired Stove

A wood fired stove, with an insulated flue liner, was also installed. This will be used for ground floor space heating during the coldest times of the year. This means a reduced usage of gas fired central heating system, and consequently, lower CO2 emissions.

Internal Wall Insulation

Taking care to insulate carefully in between the floor plates, we applied 100mm of natural, breathable woodfibre insulation on the inside face of the northern external wall, and 60mm to the party wall... adding not only a nice warm blanket to the building, but also making it a quiter place!

Improvements to U-values of the building fabric

Walls Roof Windows Doors Floor
Existing U-values 2.0 1.9 5.4 3.0 0.61
Building Regulations
(Part L1b 2006)
0.35 0.25 2.2 2.2 0.25
Improved Building
0.22 0.24 1.2 1.1 0.21

We aim to improve the building fabric to much higher levels, than those required by Building Regulations, saving the customer money in reduced energy bills and lowering CO2 emissions.


November 8, 2017


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